Owen and Katelyn

Last week I got to hang out with Owen and his six week old sister Katelyn at their home in West Hartford. Katelyn was having a snack when I arrived so Owen showed me his room 🙂

Reading to the Clemson tiger 🙂

Then little Katelyn was ready! She was SUCH a good baby the whole time and was also awake the whole time – hopefully she slept for Val and Eric once I left!

Owen is pretty interested in Katelyn and what she’s up to 🙂

He did a great job holding her gently so we could get some shots of them together

Owen looking out the window to see what he can spy in the back yard

And a few more with Katelyn swaddled

As Katelyn got dressed to go outside Eric came in to help Owen jump on the bed – Owen needless to say was thrilled 🙂

Zoe (their Spaniel) got in on the family photo action 🙂

And then it was time to play 🙂

It was great to see both of you – enjoy your sweet little ones 🙂