Pacifica and Mendocino

In mid-February I headed west for a trip with the “Harris 3” – Dad, Jon, and I haven’t taken a trip just the three of us in at least a decade. Dad and I chatted on the phone as we both booked flights through Travelocity and I left extra early so I could meet up with him in Philly and we could fly out together. Unfortunately the airline botched out seating so we weren’t sitting next to each other but we didn’t worry too much knowing we had the rest of the trip to catch up. Jon picked us up and after a bit of grocery shopping we descended to the Cove!

I say descended because to reach Jonathan’s house you have to walk down 200 steps (the road washed out due to flooding in the mid-90s and they’ve never replaced it). It’s a private cove with about eighteen houses and it is simply magical. Jon’s lived there about six months and neither of us had been up to see him so it was great to catch up.

Jon made a delicious lunch with brie, arugula, and apple sandwiches and we enjoyed a bottle of wine

The communal picnic table was empty and with the sun shining it made a spectacular spot for lunch

Can you imagine living with this view each day?

After lunch we walked around the Cove a bit and I caught Jon in the reflection of his basement window

If you look closely you can see the steps wind their way down the hill….it’s quite a descent!

That night my cousin Mark came to dinner with his wife Stacey and their son Tyler who I hadn’t yet met. Tyler wasn’t sure what to make of all the wind on the beach so he kept inhaling in short gusts…it was pretty cute 🙂

Happy family 🙂

And another happy family with a very windblown look 🙂

Tyler is so quick to smile and just adorable

The next day we headed north to Mendocino where we’d spend the next two nights.

I took this picture of Jon along the way.

We got to Mendocino that night right (literally right!!) as the sun was setting – we had enjoyed beautiful views along Route 1 but with all those windy roads I was happy to reach our destination! We dined at Cafe Beaujolais that night and it was delicious – I’d highly recommend it!

We were staying at a rented house a few miles out of town which ended up working out really well – the next morning we all rose early but were able to do our own thing and ease into the day slowly. I read and made some progress on my Herringbone Cowl

That day we just wandered around Mendocino -exploring town and walking out to the headlands. It’s a quaint and sweet little town – a very special spot!

These spools of thread in the window of an arts center caught my eye. I love when colors are graduated like that – they inspire me!

It was breezy on the headlands but we must have sat for close to half an hour watching the waves crash against the rocks – so dramatic and beautiful

The second night we had dinner at the McCallum House which was also delicious.

Jon did most of the driving for the first part of the trip while Dad acted as navigator – we kept teasing my Dad whenever he made a comment about Jon’s driving that we should switch so he could sit in the backseat 😉

We headed further north towards the Redwoods and couldn’t resist being the ultimate tourists and driving through the Chandelier tree….pretty cool 🙂

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures from the Redwoods – such an amazing site and honestly hard to capture accurately