Pennsylvania Visit with my Daddio!

Right after New Year’s I headed down to my Popsicle’s house in Pennsylvania to work from there. My Brother was visiting too so we had a great week 🙂
Apparently the drive tired out the doggies…..Sage fell asleep with this toy in her mouth 🙂

After finding Strider on this chair day after day each visit my Dad finally gave up and puts towels on them when we come down so the doggies sleep here 🙂

There was a controlled deer hunt happening in our usual walking spot so instead we went to this enormous field where they hold field trials in the summer….it was so open and beautiful.

A little windy though so we stayed well bundled 🙂

The dogs love my Dad and follow him everywhere to see what he’s up to next!

Puppies in glory light 🙂

The next morning we went out to watch the hunt. The site of 60+ hounds was just stunning. We lost them pretty quickly though as they went cross country into the woods!

We met up with my Dad’s friend and her two labbies 🙂

Sage had a ball chasing this pup around 🙂

Wise old doggie 🙂

Needless to say Sage was exhausted that night 🙂

Such beautiful country

After our visit with the labs we met up with Jon for one final walk in the field right at sunset

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!