Personal Catch Up

Apologies for being absent on the blog…life has been happy but full! I’m down at my Dad’s house in Pennsylvania this week for a few days and will be heading back to Conneticut on Friday.

On Monday I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Robert Norman for his PHODcast (CHECK IT OUT HERE) – very fun. Unfortunately as I pulled into his driveway my car was smoking and coolant was leaking out from the engine…not so great. I thought it was the end of the Volvo but thankfully it was just a hose and $200 and 2 hours later I was back on the road 🙂

I spent Monday night in Brooklyn visiting my Brother and then had a fun baby shoot on Tuesday morning. After that Strider and I got back in the car and drove south…thankfully with no car troubles!

The past two weekends we’ve had great relaxing weekends at the lake.

A few more dog photos for those who aren’t all dogged out 🙂

My poocher 🙂

Our 80 pound lap dog on my Husband’s lap 🙂

Skip-bo with Giles, Cathy, and Jung (Cathy and I won both games – woot woot!!!)

Both of the last two weekends I’ve left my laptop and phone at home which has provided a really relaxing break from technology!

This past weekend our cousin Sarah visited with her ever familiar dogs Grit and Cole….Strider was quite excited 🙂

The lake is still frozen but is definitely a bit mushy…it’s almost spring!

But not quite yet 🙂

My cute Hubby 🙂

And my cute doggie 🙂 (in glory light)

Grit and Strider love wrestling 🙂

And Cole decided that he LOVES Strider’s big ball….mostly because it squeaks 🙂

I love this one of Cole.

Ben & Hedda gave us this toy and Strider loves it!

Coozan dogs!

I finally finished The Story of Edgar Sawtelle and it was so absorbing at the end….I would definitely recommend it!

Coming soon….Baby Noah!