Polar Bear Plunge

Since we were on the other side of the world in New Zealand for New Year’s (more on that coming soon!) the boys had to do their annual Polar Bear Plunge a bit later this year. True to form though they went for it- in the lake fed pond since the lake was frozen! Sage decided at the last minute to join the fun….Strider sensibly opted out 🙂


Polar Bear plunge with yellow lab

I will always be happy to be the official photographer and NOT a participant!!

Polar Bear plunge with yellow lab

Sage looks like she’s regretting her decision….the boys knew what they were getting into 🙂

Boys with yellow lab after Polar Bear Plunge

That night we celebrated Giles & Hilary’s birthdays with party hats and fun glasses

Celebrating a 30th birthday

Have a good evening!