Preparing for a Baby!

Photos of Norah coming soon but first I wanted to share some photos of what we did to prepare for her arrival. Those of you who know me know that I’m just a teensy tiny bit Type A (alright – I’m a list making FOOL) and Norah’s impending arrival was great motivation to knock some things off the list both household and otherwise that had been sitting there for awhile. I’m happy to say that even though she was ten days early I got pretty much everything done off my list before her arrival which made me a happy stress-free Mamma those first few days. Alright….some of the things we did….

1) Found out we were having a girl (yes yes I know it’s one of the few surprises in life but guess what? It was still a surprise! We just got to enjoy the news and picture what it would be like from July – November! It worked out that we had the ultrasound on our 5 year wedding anniversary – such a special way to celebrate. Jeff confiscated the envelope directly after and then that night we walked out to the picnic area with the dogs to discover the news. We headed out to the Inn at Shelburne Farms after to celebrate – such a memorable day!
At our 12 week ultrasound we had the famous “Frank” who among our friends has a VERY good track record at predicting the sex. He correctly guessed girl so before walking out to the field I set up the basket and hung the pink socks thinking we could always switch them out if it turned out it was a boy. To me this photo was the first one that represented Norah and is framed in our nursery – the dogs were very cooperative and it was how we announced the news far and wide!
Better choose a name! Jeff and I both read this book separately (only 1/2 since we knew we were having a girl) and then compared lists. We had it down to 2 when we arrived at the hospital and decided on Norah (a name we both loved and Jeff’s Great Great Grandmother’s name) Marion (Jeff’s Grandmother’s name) Herzberger!
Pick berries and freeze for yummy smoothies all winter (loving one every morning these days!)
Make baby clothes and burp clothes
Take a baby moon (trip to Acadia)
Eat lots of Vermont Cookie Love Creemees (convenient when my friend Jonas works there and it’s only a mile down the road!!)
Order and stack 2 cords of wood for winter fires
Learn how to assemble a Pack n’ play
Teach Grandpa how to Facetime
Clean out the garage
Install automatic garage door opener (Jeff gets five stars for this job – I had no idea it was so involved!!)
Order and ship out a LOT of albums before Norah arrived
Have woodstove installed for cozy winter nights!
Flip guest room and baby’s room and start to assemble crib and store things in the nursery
Hang clothes (mostly gifts and hand me downs!) by size in the closet
Assemble crib (when the mattress went in Jeff said “this just got real”)
Have fabulous interior designer friend Sarah up to visit so she can style the nursery
Emily supervised!
Cutest assistant ever!
Baby laundry load 1 and 2 of thousands
Take weekly belly photo (we missed the last week since she arrived early!)
Soon I’ll share photos of the finished nursery and then we can get on to the real star – Norah!