Random Updates

Commence the updates in no particular order……

1) Jeff and I went to see The Cirque du Soleil show Kooza on Thursday with our friend Brian. I haven’t been to a circus in many moons and this one was great – elaborate costumes, a live band, and plenty of amazing acrobatics. Highlights were the wheel of death which I’d NEVER seen before, Teeterboard (where they springboard people up in the air and while flying do many many flips and twists), and contortion (man can those girls bend!). Saturday night is the final night so if you haven’t gone yet what are you waiting for? The rest of the year they are traveling to Philly, Boston, Chicago, DC, Atlanta, NYC so go check them out!

2) Strider has his first hot spot 🙁
Canismajor.com defines a hot spot as “surface skin infections caused when populations of normal skin bacteria grow and overwhelm normal resistance. They are generally circular patches that lose hair, can be swollen, may exude a smelly pus, and can be painfully itchy, causing the dog to scratch, lick, or bite to the point of self-mutilation. Untreated hot spots can spread and provoke a normally even-tempered dog to growl or nip when touched.”

As you can see Strider is very provoked…..he may growl or nip at any moment 😉 In layman’s terms Strider has been swimming too much and staying wet too long…I guess we’ll have to be a bit more thorough toweling him off from here on out!

3) Dar Williams: I have been a fan of Dar for awhile now and when I found out she was playing at the Calvin theater in Northampton I jumped at the chance to go see her. I went with my friend Sue and her daughter Andrea and we had a blast. Dar had two warm up acts which made the show a little long (after all I can’t sit still endlessly!). The first act were The Nields who I had never heard before – they were phenomenal…such beautiful voices and harmonies. I’ve downloaded a few of their albums from I-Tunes and will be keeping my eye on their concert schedule! The second act I wasn’t as crazy about – Shawn Mullins of “Lullaby” fame (a song popular in the mid 90s). He played for what seemed like forever…….I just wanted Dar!

4) Sushi: Lately I’ve been digging sushi – YUMMY. Just thought you should know 🙂

5) Pink Sparkly Shoes Update: Well as you know I’ve been searching for some sparkly pink shoes to wear to our wedding reception. Today I bit the bullet and ordered the pink sparkly shoes at the front of the basket. Let’s just hope they fit 🙂 I’ve searched high and low and these are the only ones that come close to resembling what I’m looking for. Yes I know they are a little silly looking but so am I so we will be a perfect fit 😉

6) We’re picking our invitations up from the calligrapher on Wednesday!!! Next step: stamping, numbering the response cards, and matching everything up. We were going to send them out at the end of this month but someone told me that sending invitations out ten weeks before a wedding was “excessive”….we’ll see 🙂 I’m just psyched to get them out of the house and out into the world!

7) Thank goodness the writer’s strike is over and Desperate Housewives is back on. Last night’s episode was as juicy as usual (and far fetched…yes I know!) with lots of plot twists and turns.

8) Tomorrow I am so psyched to finally be lunching with Mrs. Mary Marantz. We’ve been meaning to do it since New Year’s but with both of our travels haven’t quite been able to make it happen. Strider and their golden Cooper will be reunited for lots of wrestling and stare downs 🙂

Off to cook dinner!

PS – My computer is back – I dropped it off Friday afternoon and it was fixed (for free!) by Saturday afternoon. The CD-Rom drive was what failed so I didn’t lose any information and I’m now back to normal. Hallelujah 🙂