Reading: When Everything Changed

Last weekend when we were up at the lake I finally had a chance to finish a book I started over Labor Day. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes but when life gets busy I don’t always make time for it (seems counterintuitive as it would relax me!). Now that wedding season is winding down I’ve been trying to head to bed at around 9 each night so I can read for an hour or an hour and a half before turning the lights off.

My Mom gave me “When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present” for Christmas last year. I typically read a lot more non-fiction but the subject matter sounded interesting and I found it very absorbing.
Ms. Collins writes in a very accessible style, punctuating facts with stories of individual women that really drives her point home. It’s pretty incredible to think how far we’ve come in a relatively short time and to think about what’s next.
I’d definitely recommend this book!