Recent Books

Over the past few months I’ve read quite a few books. Some books get their own post but I realized there were many I had read that weren’t getting any attention at all so I’m officially catching up!!

I read “A Life in Stitches” when we were in New Zealand. I was drawn to this book because I am (at times!) a knitter. It was an easy and very quick read but I didn’t find it particularly wonderful – pretty simple stories with a few gems interwoven (or shall we say knitted!!) into the body.

A friend gave my Dad “Blind your Ponies” and I borrowed it from his house being intrigued by the title. It is a fairly long book compared to some I read but I found the story engaging and absorbing – I’d recommend it.

An old mentor had recommended “Blood Sisters” to me at some point and I finally read it when we were in New Zealand. It took me awhile to get into it but then I couldn’t put it down. It is a trilogy and although I have the other two books on my Kindle I haven’t started them yet….maybe this week!

Claiming Ground” was another book I borrowed from my Dad. This is the story of a woman who travels far from her family out west to be a sheep herder and then her life unfolding from there. I found it very absorbing and would recommend it.

I borrowed “Disgrace” from my Mom….it was eh – I probably wouldn’t recommend it….not really my cup of tea

Freakonomics” is such a well known book and has been on my shelf for years. It’s not super long or super difficult to read but definitely has some interesting parts – I’d recommend it

My friend recommended “Girl Hunter” to me since I’m so interested in foodie books but I found it to be a bit self indulgent on the author’s part – she seems to think quite highly of herself – I wouldn’t recommend it

The Tenth Muse” is another foodie book about Judith Jones – Julia Childs former editor. I enjoyed this book very much – Judith has a very nice “voice” in her writing and her memories are framed with very nice details – I’d recommend it (and there are recipes inside!!)

When I was loading up my Kindle for our trip to NZ I came across “The Power of Half” which was being promoted by Amazon. This is the story of a family who sells their house and decides to give half the money to charity. Beyond just giving the money away they hope to create an experience of giving for their family that will allow them to be intentional and really get involved. It’s a quick read but an inspiring one – what they did was pretty radical but it encourages you (or at least it encouraged me) to think about how you can do something similar on a smaller scale

My Mom gave “The Trump Card” to me a few years ago since I knew Ivanka as a child. It’s a bit cheesy at times but there are some good gems in there and the life she’s created for herself as a Mother (although this book was written before she was married or had had a baby) and a businesswoman is admirable.

I can’t remember how I first heard about “The Happiness Project” but I was intrigued and bought the book soon after. The author undertakes to focus on one aspect of her happiness (marriage, work, parenting, etc.) each month for a whole year and then analyzes her experience. THIS is one of my favorite quotes so this book is keeping with being more intentional.

You had me at woof” is another book I read in NZ on my Kindle – I’m always a sucker for a dog book and this one was no different. It wasn’t particularly fabulous but it was enjoyable and an easy read.

My friend Jane kindly gave me “A tree grows in Brooklyn” for Christmas last year and I loved it – the story itself is very simple but it’s well written and very sweet – you fall in love with the characters.

That’s it for now – I guess I better read some more books so I have more to report 🙂