Recommended :: French Kids Eat Everything

French Kids Eat Everything” is jumping ahead a bit from my usual reading these days about sleep training and babyhood but after reading “Bringing up Bebe” and really enjoying it I was curious about this book so borrowed it from the library. I wouldn’t say that Jeff and I yet have a parenting “philosophy” but there are certain things we both feel strongly about and hopefully not raising picky eaters is one of them. This book kind of deconstructs the French ways of introducing food which is VERY different from America mostly I feel in that the entire community and culture is involved. From what I know about schools and day cares good eating is not exactly a cornerstone of the curriculum although I’m happy to say that in Vermont there is more emphasis on local than in other places. So time will tell what our little lady’s culinary tastes will be but I’d love to re-read this when I get closer to that stage and I’d recommend it to anyone currently there!