Rowan – 11 Months

When I was up in Vermont I went and visited my little Cousin Rowan. This little guy is rounding out his first year and I’ve had the pleasure of photographing him as a newborn, when he was five months, and when he was eight months. We have big plans for his first birthday 🙂

He’s always been adorable but he was especially smiley that day. I think it was Aunt Heidi’s influence 🙂

He’s teething and you can just spot his little fangs poking through on the top 🙂

Nothing better than baby bellies!

This was pretty funny. Rowan was experimenting with his voice making noises and as he was doing it he kept blowing bubbles 🙂

A whisk is the perfect teething companion and toy!

I’m so stinking cute you can’t resist my powers!!

Those teeth look like they’ll break through any day now!

I love the contrast between David’s hair and Rowan’s complete lack of hair 🙂

I’ll see you in a few weeks!