Rowan – 8 Months

On Sunday morning I went over to my cousin Lila’s house to hang out with her little man Rowan who is growing like a weed….both up and out 😉

Even though he is teething he was a perfect well rested angel when I was there and full of smiles 🙂

Can you believe his eyes? And those cheeks – smooshable!

Mabel was visiting from Granny’s house…snaggle tooth and all.

Watch out lady – if you keep paying attention to the little one you’ll have to answer to me

She is very tolerant of Rowan thankfully. Of course he is totally fascinated by her!

YUM – sweet potatoes

More please.

Look at those gums! His first tooth is just barely breaking through on the bottom

Peek a boo!

The finger – nature’s pacifier.

Snuggling with Mom

A family shot right before I left

I can’t wait till summer when he’s crawling all around and exploring everything – there will definitely be many photo sessions to come 🙂