Seamus and Eamon

Meet Seamus and Eamon – they were rescued less than a year ago but have settled in VERY well to their home where they receive a plethora of love and snuggles 🙂 They were at first a bit unsure of the big black thing I was pointing at them but with a bit of kibble in my pocket I got them to come around 🙂

They showed me their wrestling skills 🙂

Such a handsome boy (a German Shepherd Lab Mix)

And his sidekick Eamon a Tennessee Coonhound mix 🙂

Eamon was a bit more interested in me (well….mostly the food) so I took some time to zoom in on some of his beautiful details

After we had finished outside we went up to their bedroom (well….technically the master bedroom!) where they sleep. It was all very exciting so took a little time to get Eamon to settle enough for a photo but eventually he relaxed 🙂

Seamus preferred to hang out on the stairs where he had a clear view of the front door so we went with it 🙂

Thanks for having me over!