Sherlock Holmes

BBC Sherlock

When I was in Austin visiting Joe, Alyssa, and Hamilton¬†we watched Sherlock one night – the British TV series based on the Sherlock Holmes novels. Coincidentally a few weeks earlier I had heard an interview on Fresh Air with Steven Moffat who wrote and produced the new series. I have never read or seen the Sherlock Holmes mysteries so I had very little to go on but I found myself riveted by the cinematography, acting…everything! It’s the one show I’ve watched in awhile where you have to pay VERY close attention to the dialogue and screen or you might miss something. The actors are well cast and we’ve just finished Season 1 (only 3 episodes 1 1/2 hrs. each). Season 1 is available through streaming on Netflix and we’ve added season 2 to our queue…..I hope they continue it!