Short Weekend at the Lake!

Yesterday after a morning spent volunteering with The Junior League of Hartford we headed up to the lake around lunchtime. We almost always have friends up so it was a nice change to be there just the two of us 🙂

We took a long walk through the woods with Strider

and Luke 🙂

Strider shows off his new trick “Give me 10!” for the camera 🙂

The men in my life 🙂

And a beauty shot of the #1 dog in my life 🙂

Taking a dip in a stream along the road

All around the lake people hide gnomes so it’s always fun to spot them (and move them!)

We brought Luke back home and they played some more while we caught up on the news of the lake

Last night as I posted we ate quesadillas and played Scrabble (I’m not very good at it and both of us were getting pretty crummy letters!) and I finished another book. “Killing Pablo” by Mark Bowden which I just found out is being made into a movie! A few years ago I listened to an interview on Fresh Air with Mark Bowden and bought the book….I decided it was time to finally read it!

My knitting experience is coming along – I’ve been practicing various knitting and purling techniques and have now started to follow my first pattern which will make a scarf!

Have a good week 🙂