Silly Pictures for a Friday Afternoon

I thought I’d post these goofy photos of Strider on this afternoon when he isn’t feeling so good 🙁

This morning he was sedated to have his ears fully cleaned out. For the past few months he’s had a major problem with having yeasty gunk in his ears. We’ve tried many different kinds of ointments, pills, cleaners, and home remedies but nothing seems to work for very long so after getting a 2nd opinion we decided to get him fully cleaned out so we can start at 0. Tonight he will begin a food that’s supposed to be allergen free. Of course we don’t know exactly what is causing the problem which is PART of the problem!

If anyone has any advice or good tips we are willing to try anything to make our little man feel better….I’m leaving to pick him up in a few minutes 🙁

One thing Strider does love is peanut butter. We usually put it in Kongs but every once in awhile he hits the jackpot and gets to lick the just finished jar of peanut butter. His tongue can just about reach the bottom but there is always just a little circle in the middle that he can’t quite get….it drives him crazy. Usually he gets some on his nose that he also can’t quite reach so it’s funny to watch him try to lick it off 🙂

I know I’m saving some for later but can I have more please?


I stick my tongue out in your general direction!

Have a great weekend!