Snow Day!

This has been a particularly snowy winter! Back in mid January we got 15+ inches in one day and Jeff took a snow day. My friend Alyssa had flown in the night before (perhaps the last flight in) and shown up at our door at 1:20 AM to pick up her dog Sutton. With the snow already falling heavily and an unplowed driveway to go home to (her Husband was out of town) I suggested maybe she spend the night 🙂 She gladly accepted so the next morning we all stayed bundled in the house.
We ventured out mid morning and the snow was already up to our knees – the dogs waded through as best they could 🙂

Amazing! Our little rental ranch actually looks charming with a coat of snow 🙂

Sutton and Sage had a ball careening around the yard at full speed

Strider decided to run the other way 🙂

Mom this is a lot of white stuff

I loved the texture of Sutton’s fur but MAN did he have some snowball problems when he came inside – they were completely caked and matted to his fur in contrast to Sage & Strider who just shook off and were good to go. Shedding vs. grooming!!

Sweet face 🙂

We only had one shovel at that point so Jeff got started

He was super psyched 🙂

Alyssa snapped this one of me out the window taking a break from playing with the dogs…Strider was quite excited to have a playmate of his own 🙂

An hour+ later the driveway was cleared and Alyssa was able to head home to snow blow her own house!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!