Snowy at the Lake!

I realized when I blogged the pictures of the ice storm that I never blogged the rest of the photos from a few weeks ago when we were up there skating with a bunch of our friends. The lake froze overnight very smoothly so Jeff & his friends went out and bought used skates for all of us!

Strider surveys the scene

Jeff tests the ice. Every year the first time I go out on it it makes me a little nervous but I soon realize that it is perfectly safe and a few inches thick!


Clearly we need a Caribbean vacation right about now 🙂

We always worry that Giles will break through but this time he didn’t 😉

Mush Strider Mush!

I had treats in my pocket so Strider was very attentive 🙂

If I bring you this stick can I have a treat?

The usual suspects

My (cold!) boys 🙂

Well there’s a lot more snow now – pictures of that to come!