Snowy Lake Weekend

A few weeks ago we were at the lake for the weekend with our friends. While it has been relatively mild in Connecticut it’s been fairly chilly up at the lake so the water had frozen over and Jeff was able to go out for a skate!

Sage was pretty excited about Jeff being on skates 🙂

Man greeting dog on iced over lake

Heading up the lake!

Man skates on frozen lake

Parts of the lake had melted and then re-frozen creating these beautiful ice crystals

Ice crystals

Strider watches carefully

Dog sniffs wind

And then sniffs the wind his ears blowing in the breeze 🙂

yellow lab ears blow in the breeze

My dogs like to play pretty much anywhere….a frozen lake being no exception

Yellow labs wrestle on frozen lake

This weekend we’re laying low at home which I’m pretty psyched about after all the traveling I’ve done in the last month.

Have a great weekend everyone!!