Snowy Winter Doggie Fun!

I am backtracking a little but didn’t want to miss out on blogging these fun pics.

Last Sunday Strider and I did a tour of New England – we started the day in Connecticut, drove to Providence for Bea’s Birthday Party, drove via Boston to meet with a client for October 2010 (yay Audra & Steve – I can’t wait!), and then ended up in Groton to spend the night with my cousins Will & Sarah….lots o’ driving 🙂

That night it snowed…..A LOT. So the next morning I went out with the pooches as the snow was still coming down and we played.

This is old wise man Cole.

He is very serious looking but is a total goof who loves having his belly rubbed.

Grit and Strider were born on the same day but in different states and from different litters. BUT they are as close as any two dogs can be. I think Grit was crying on the inside when I put Strider in the car later in the day – he looked at me with the SADDEST eyes….I was taking his friend away.

Grit & Strider love facing off and then racing off to chase each other.


Coozan dogs!

Mr. Grit has the biggest head and I love to snuggle his nose which is super fuzzy!

No dogs were injured in these photographs. It’s pretty incredible how they can play so “viciously” but never hurt each other – they love it and it tires them out very effectively 🙂

Sometimes all this younger dog nonsense is just too much – I need to stick my head in the sand (or snow!)

Enough is enough!

Miss you guys (four legged and two legged!) already!