Snuggly Yellow Labs

I’m heading to the lake for the weekend shortly but wanted to post some photos of the doogles. I follow Kate Spain’s blog (a great fabric designer that my friend Nancy introduced me too) and she has furry Friday when she posts pictures of her cats….this is my version of furry Friday 🙂

When I sit at my desk and look down the hallway this is what I see…..doggies ready for their walk 🙂

By this time Strider had come in to sit next to me and stare deeply in my eyes willing me to get up and take them for a walk so Sage took his place 🙂

An old photo from this winter sometime – I love how he’s sniffing the air with his ears blowing in the breeze 🙂

And another from a trip to VT – they love the beach…..playing with sticks, sniffing around, wading in the water -it’s all good 🙂

They love sleeping on our  bed in the morning and will often stay there for hours 🙂

Happy Memorial Day!