Sofia and the Belly!

One of my favorite things about my job is watching families grow and change and maintaining the connection with them over the years. I first met Joe & Sarah in 2008 for their beautiful fall wedding (almost exactly three years ago in fact!). In March last year I re-united with them to photograph Sarah’s belly – she was pregnant with their first child. Sofia was born a few weeks later and I met her when she was about three weeks old.

Two months ago Sarah contacted me to tell me it was that time again – she’s pregnant with their second child 🙂 She wanted to make sure to document this time again so I arrived while Sofia was napping and we did some shots of just Sarah and her belly. She is still the same sweet Sarah she was in 2008 and she was just radiant in that way that pregnant women are.

Sofia stirred from overhead so we went upstairs to greet her and thankfully she was all smiles. Usually I can’t see resemblances but looking at her newborn photos I can see glimpses of the little girl she’s become.

Dad came home from work and we went outside to have some fun. Sofia by this point had much more interesting things to do then stay still and take pictures but I managed to sneak in a few 🙂

Growing up but still tiny next to Dad!

A funny grumpy face 🙂

LOVE this one

Can’t wait to see you all again in a few weeks and meet #2!!