Springtime Visit to Pennsylvania

About a month ago I was down in Pennsylvania visiting my Dad during which time I went down to DC for Carter & Andrew’s engagement photos and also met up with Ori & Dave in my Dad’s garden….it was a busy visit 🙂 Springtime and summer are my favorite times to visit my Dad because his gardens are just so spectacular at those times of year. This time I was lucky that the cherry blossoms were in bloom so one evening I took advantage and wandered with the dogs around the garden.

Dad on his John Deere mower 🙂

Portraits of my pooches who clearly would have been happier running around and not posing for my camera 🙂

Evening watering chores in the vegetable garden

The dogs are always closely watching to see where my Dad is headed to next…..he moves quickly!

Time for some playing!


The next morning my Dad was the first one up so took them out – Sage met me at the door and sprinted across the lawn to show me where Strider and my Dad were

We don’t know what was in there (maybe an animal??) but they were certainly curious with noses twitching furiously!