Strider and Buzz… buds.

Earlier this week my friend Paige and I went walking with the pooches. The light was so rich I grabbed my camera and had some fun documenting Strider and his friend Buzzy.

Buzzy was a shelter dog found on Pet Finder

We joke that he’s part wolf. “Buzzy – speak!”

Waiting patiently for treats 🙂

My pooch has mad ups 🙂 “Strider – give me 10”

Most of the time they are mellow and just sniff around and hang out but every once in awhile they get the whizzies and madly chase after each other. Needless to say it makes our day and makes us smile….dogs are great therapy when you’re having a bad day!

Buzzy has many spots on his nose 🙂

And got a bit muddy playing, running, and swimming in the river. Now that everything is melting it’s quite mucky where we go walking!

Buzzy loves playing keep away with sticks 🙂

Mom this is mine and I’m NOT giving it back!

I usually keep my post processing pretty simple but I decided to play around with this image a bit 🙂

Happy Weekend!