Strider and Sage Highlights :)

We are headed up to the lake for the weekend but I wanted to leave you with some cute miscellaneous dog photos from last month 🙂

I was eating popcorn and Strider wondered if by cutely peering through my legs he might get some 🙂

Snowshoeing at the lake back in February 🙂

The conditions were perfect and it was so peaceful tromping through the woods!

Back in February I spent a few days in Vermont visiting my Mom

Apparently if I don’t call fives this happens…..and even if I do 🙂

Let me up Mom – I’m very fun to snuggle with.

Please can we come up?

See – all better now 🙂

I did kick them off eventually so put my robe over them so they wouldn’t be chilly 🙂

When I went to leave and my Mom was helping me with their bed they climbed right on top of it – I don’t think they wanted to go home 🙂

But home is so sweet……more couch time 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!