Strider is the Champion!!

Back in early November I blogged about the Dog Days of Summer and when I was up at the lake last weekend my friend Carolyn reminded me that I still hadn’t revealed which of our dogs was the overall winner.

Drumroll please……..Strider was victorious!

Now for the confession. Since I wasn’t at the ceremony I am not positive which individual events our dogs won so I know we brought home three medals + the trophy but I can’t remember which dog won one and which dog won two…….oops.
Jeff thinks that….
Sage won dock jumping and water retrieval and Strider won land retrieval (or maybe it was basic obedience) which means that the third photo where Sage is wearing two medals is accurate.

Either way we’re positive Strider won overall since his name is on the trophy.

And yes I also find it hilarious that there is a trophy for dogs 🙂

And a special shout out to my Mom – it’s her birthday today! Happy Birthday Mom! I love you 🙂