Strider is Two!

Well I know everyone has had this marked on their calendar’s for MONTHS but today is the day – Strider is two years old 🙂

Sometime this week I’ll get to the local dog bakery for a peanut butter cupcake or something similarly yummy for him but today is a pretty regular day – he went walking with his friend Buzzy this morning, is currently eating a rawhide, and will be participating in his owner’s quest to get fit by going running with us tonight. Then we’ll rake some leaves – another doggie day 🙂

We had a great weekend in Vermont wedding planning and hanging out with friends so I’ll post those pictures tomorrow but for now a little photographic retrospective….

June 16, 2006 – Strider on his first day home….eight weeks old

Strider on his first birthday at the beach in Vermont

Strider today sniffing the air and wondering what the next year will bring

Happy day 🙂 You can now return to your regularly scheduled activities 🙂