Summer Family Photographs

I first met this family this past February when they found me through Operation Love Re-United – Chris was due to come home after being away for six months and I had the honor of documenting it. At that point they mentioned that they’d be interested in doing a family session this summer so we finally scheduled it and the day arrived!

It was hot but everyone was excited and in a good mood as we took a walk along a local trail. They brought their pooch along who loved sniffing everything 🙂

The boys seemed to remember me a bit and loved telling me all about what they’ve been up to this summer 🙂
I love J’s devilish expression 🙂
A helping hand from Dad
Love these.
When we reached the end of the path the boys needed a break before we set off for home 🙂
Love this one.
A happy and hot pooch 🙂
We did a little swinging before heading for home
And finally hung out for a bit in the backyard.

It was so wonderful to see you all again – hope you enjoyed the ice cream!!