Summer Weekend at the Lake

I am writing this a few days in advance so when it publishes I will be at the lake enjoying a long weekend with my family and friends – heaven 🙂

These images are from a few weeks ago but weekends at the lake during the summer are interchangeable!

Wet dogs lying near the kitchen hoping to get a snack 🙂

After trying wheat berries in a salad in a restaurant I bought them and cooked them at home. They take a bit of time – soaking overnight and 50 minutes of steaming but they are worth it – I like them better than pasta in a salad.

Thinking back this particular salad had….Tomatoes, Basil, Asparagus, Bean Sprouts, Orange Peppers, Salt, Pepper, and maybe a few other things I can’t remember 🙂

I toss it with a balsamic vinegar and it is the perfect healthy and light summer lunch. Best enjoyed with a seltzer 🙂

Strider was my lunchtime buddy that day 🙂

That night we did one of my favorite things – a sunset kayak ride (with cocktail in hand of course!)

Ahhhh – summertime 🙂

The water level was still quite high so we were able to go way back into an area that is usually impassable. Very buggy but also very beautiful

When we got home we sat on the dock to watch the sunset and I brushed Strider. I threw all the clumps in the water and they floated away into the sunset 🙂

He has been shedding like crazy lately!

The next day I had a wedding but Jeff and his friends were busy building a dog float. We always lament that it’s a shame we can’t kayak with the dogs so my Husband the engineer decided to do something about it.

The maiden voyage. It still needs some improvements – it was a bit tippy and we need to incorporate a ramp so the dogs can get off and on it but I was quite impressed!

Strider wasn’t so sure at first but with some encouragement decided to join the party

Sutton is still not a fan of the water – maybe we’ll convince him this weekend

A true sign of summer – putting the float in!

Happy July 4th!