Summertime at the Lake!

In honor of the end of summer (boo!) I wanted to post some pictures from early July at the lake. Jeff’s Grandmother arrived a few days before his parents so I worked from the lake so I could be with her. Set up on the screened in porch looking out over the water was NOT much of a hardship 🙂

Doggies waiting patiently (probably for food) and Mickey playing Spider Solitaire 🙂

I always get up early with the dogs to feed them and then take them out but usually go back to bed for a bit of a sleep in. This particular morning I decided to stay up and take a kayak by myself around the lake. It was an amazing way to start the day.

The next day the sailboat race included a rather untraditional first mate in one of the boats – Mr. Big!

Jeff is the white sale – #75472

I never get tired of photographing races with all the pretty sails popping against the blue of the water and sky

May couldn’t take the heat so decided to jump in 🙂

Jeff’s Grandmother (who is 94) kayaked up to watch the race….if only I can be that game and agile at her age!!

When we got home we did a family timer photo on the dock – even Jeff’s Brother Ben was in town!

Happy Labor Day 🙂