Summertime at the Lake :)

When the weather starts getting warmer we spend almost every weekend at the lake. This particular weekend I didn’t have a wedding so was able to be there for the whole time – usually I leave early Saturday morning and return when everyone is in bed on Saturday night 🙂

The water was SO still and peaceful- my happy place 🙂

Not so still anymore 🙂

The next morning we pushed the couches back and did some yoga in the living room 🙂

After the dogs were happy to get outside and sniff around the lawn

That night we all hung out on the porch to get away from the bugs

Inside Jeff & Giles made ridiculous amounts of shrimp kebabs 🙂

Strider’s drool would suggest that he got some but he didn’t!!

Ahhhh……yes please 🙂

Sutton would like some kebabs!!

Cathy was celebrating her 30th so Hilary baked her go-to chocolate cake– YUM.

The next day we walked around the lake

Boys will be boys 🙂

This last picture is a new thing for me – a photo stitch created in Photoshop of 5 photos pieced together. Not perfect but a pretty respectable first attempt I thought!!