Tara & Trip’s VT Wedding :: Vermont Wedding Photographer

My good friend (and former bridesmaid) Tara got married this past weekend in Charlotte, VT to her college sweetheart Trip 🙂

Tara’s photographer was arriving at 2 so I photographed her from 12-2 as she was getting her hair and makeup done.

As I suspected Tara was quite a relaxed bride 🙂

Although putting flowers in hair is serious business

Thankfully she was happy with the results 🙂

Tara’s Mom seeing her all made up for the first time 🙂

Tara with her two sisters!

Her friend Alana did her makeup

Jeff & I sat in the back row and I was very good – I didn’t get up from my seat during the ceremony 🙂

I couldn’t stop shooting this cute little one peeking out from the pews!

A glimpse of Trip!

Tara is still relaxed and happy post ceremony 🙂

The weather was PERFECT

Tara having some fun during the reception!