Thanksgiving in California

I figured before Christmas comes I should probably blog my Thanksgiving pictures 🙂 We spent the holiday in Whittier with Jeff’s side of the family and had a great time – beautiful weather, delicious food – all the important elements!

I think I psyched David out with the camera because right after he closed the oven he realized he had forgotten to put the tin foil on. Oh well – this way it looked much prettier 🙂

Many patient hours later this is what we ended up with- yum 🙂

Jeff’s family divides and conquers when it comes to cooking and everyone is involved in something. His Aunt Hilary is an amazing baker so when the turkey came out the pie went in! (With supervision from Jeff’s Grandmother Mickey the matriarch of the family)

Jeff supervised his Uncle Alan starting the dishes (if you have time to lean you have time to clean!) while David carved and Ben finished up the green beans

Jeff puts the finishing touches on his mashed potatoes 🙂

Quite a spread!

Mickey wasn’t crazy about having her photo taken but as we sat down to dinner I got a quick snap – she is quite a woman!

And after a brief rest and a few games of Bananagrams we dove headfirst into the pies…..heaven 🙂

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was as delicious as mine!