Thanksgiving Trip to Napa

Jeff and I took a little post season/pre-Thanksgiving vacation and spent a few days in the Napa Valley. Through the wonder of asking for recommendations on Facebook and Twitter we had lots of wonderful places to visit and we learned of more when we got there…our style of travel 🙂

This beautiful rainbow greeted us as we shuttled to get our rental car in San Francisco – a good omen I think 🙂

By the time we got to our hotel on Saturday night it was dark so we stayed in Calistoga for dinner and ventured out the next morning for our first tasting.

We had heard that Robert Mondavi was touristy but also had a great tour so we started there and would highly recommend it. They have an hour long tour that ends with a thirty minute tasting so you really learned a lot about the region, the process of growing grapes and making wine and finally how to taste. Our tour group only had eight people in it (first tour of the day at 10:30) so we really got to ask a lot of questions.

Their barrel room is pretty darn impressive! Top of the line all the way – each of these barrels cost $1,200!

Our tour guide at Robert Mondavi recommended Bistro Don Giovanni for lunch and wow – it was a FABULOUS meal and I’d HIGHLY recommend a visit if you like Italian food….yum yum yum!

Occasionally I would ask Jeff to stop if I saw a really fantastic vista but I also like the roll down the window and shoot while the car is moving method and most of the time you get pretty good results 🙂

Jeff drove most of the time while we were in Napa so I could navigate

We had a pretty rocking rental car 😉

We had some time to kill before meeting up with our friend Scott so we decided to take the road less traveled – whenever we came to a fork we’d decide which way looked more interesting and go that way 🙂

Scott took this photo of us at Rubicon Estate

The property and building were very impressive. Unfortunately we were too late for the last tour so we just had to taste!!

Hmmmm – texture 🙂

Jeff and Scott (our college roommate) decided to model some hats for sale and act silly 🙂

The next morning we set off on a hike near our B&B in Calistoga

Jeff’s favorite sign….too bad we weren’t on a motorcycle!

Beautiful sites along the way

One lookout….but we decided to keep going

I love finding rock towers along the way

And a labyrinth! After this point we got pretty lost and ended up scaling the side of a mountain and traversing through some back country – we eventually found our way back on the trail and decided to return the way we’d come 🙂 Apparently we missed a good view but sometimes you just have to enjoy the journey!!

That night we dined at the French Laundry which was by far the highlight of our trip and had been an item on my bucket list 🙂 I was planning to bring my camera but then got shy so we only have a few low quality I-Phone photos to remember it…and they gave us a copy of the menu 🙂 Needless to say it’s a total once in a lifetime experience and I would highly recommend it as a foodie experience. A HUGE thank you to one of my amazing clients Amy who helped us to get a reservation….you’re the best!

On Tuesday morning we started driving south towards our eventual destination of L.A. where we joined Jeff’s parents for Thanksgiving…those pictures to come!

While we were gone our friends Joe & Alyssa kindly took care of our pooches and sent us photo updates. This one was a particular favorite- the ultimate snuggle 🙂

Their pooch Sutton is in the background – I have a feeling there were treats involved for this photo – my doggies are total chow hounds!!

Have a great weekend!!