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May 3, 2012

Anybody who reads this blog my recognize the two canine participants in this first photo – Midge & Brody. Brody was one of Strider’s first doggie friends and provided a good example in manners as he is very well trained. I first got to know Nellie & Erin when we were about to get Strider. Knowing that Brody was such a good dog I plopped on their couch one night for a few hours and asked them as many questions as I could think of about what it was like owning a dog, how they trained, him, etc. They patiently answered all my questions (and more over the years!) and a friendship was born.

Nellie used to work at Deerfieldย and before I got involved with photography so did I. Many mornings we’d run into each other first thing walking the dogs and everyone would have a good romp (including Strider’s other friend Dutch who he used to hang out with during the day when I was at work) – fun times with labs of all colors!

Fast forward a few years where we’ve seen each other a bit less because of geography. When Erin picked Brody & Midge up from their last visit to our house she said “oh and by the way Nellie’s pregnant” – we were thrilled and I was even more thrilled when they emailed me asking if I might take some belly pictures. YES!

We started in their backyard which provided a nice green backdrop!

two moms two dogs and a belly

They are so excited to meet their little guy and I can’t wait to meet him too!

They are both very quick to laugh – there will be a lot of love in that house!

Nothing like a good belly laugh ๐Ÿ™‚

We wanted to stop and take some pictures but Brody really wasn’t having it – it was walking time!

Ah the colors of spring ๐Ÿ™‚

Their neighbor’s garage was so cool

Brody agreed to sit nicely for a few moments

But then when we got back to the house he wasn’t so sure he wanted to join his family on the porch….so we worked it

And eventually he relented!!

Stay tuned (I hope soon) for a little bitty baby boy…..I can’t wait to meet him!!


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