The Dog Days of Summer….for real!

This post stretches back to the beginning of August when the lake held its 3rd annual dog days of summer. Many of the people at the lake have dogs so this event was conceived as a fun way to get them involved. Dogs are judged in five different events – agility, land retrieve, water retrieve, obedience, and my personal favorite dock jumping. There are both category winners and an overall winner….pretty exciting 🙂

Strider was up first for obedience – since I was snapping away Jeff handled the dogs.

He did great and came exuberantly when Jeff called him 🙂

The little dog was next and she also passed the test 🙂

Next up was agility – the final obstacle is to go under the ramp. Tucker was not impressed- Mac thought that maybe if he did it Tucker would too 🙂

Strider was fine with going over the ramp

The little dog also had no problem with the ramp but she absolutely wouldn’t go through the scary tube….I guess next year we’ll have to practice a bit more 🙂

Chewbacca was the star – he did everything with such spirit!!

Strider’s land retrieval

And Sage’s land retrieval

When you gotta go you gotta go 😉

Next up was the water retrieval

Jeff at first threw the stick out too far for Strider so Strider decided he’d take a break and get a drink. Jeff threw a second stick and he went for that one 🙂

Jeff retrieved the first stick 🙂

Sage loves retrieving in the water so had no problem with it

Mac thought that maybe dancing would help Tucker get excited about jumping off the dock 🙂

My family 🙂

Rockstar Chewie 🙂

Big dog who runs to the end, stops, and then jumps 🙂

Griffin was eventually persuaded

Little won the category with her flying leap 🙂

I took a group shot at the end – such a fun tradition!

The judges conferring on scores

My two ready to go home

Who will win?? Stay tuned to find out 🙂