The Field

Our house includes a beautiful field that I imagined walking through with the dogs. First we needed to mow it! Jeff borrowed a DR Mower from a friend (thanks, Frankie!!) and he was off into the meadow. We had sketched out a few possible paths on a piece of paper – we knew we wanted to move the boundaries of our property and then perhaps a few connecters in the middle.

The dogs had other plans while Dad was working

What’s this – a path?

Let’s check it out!

Relaxing with a cocktail – job well done!

Looking back at our little house! Jeff mowed a picnic area but alas we don’t own a table….maybe next summer

The farmer came and mowed the whole field down last week so no more paths per say but hopefully they’ll grow in a bit before the snow comes – I’d like some snowshoeing paths for the winter!