The Hunger Games

I had heard so much about The Hunger Games trilogy all throughout last year but I just didn’t think it sounded like my cup of tea from the vague plot descriptions I’d heard. As we got ready to go to New Zealand though, I knew I would need an absorbing book to pass the time on the plane and my friend Carla assured me that this series was just that. Well…..she was right.

I read the entire first book on the plane to California where we spent Christmas with Jeff’s parents and then the second book during our plane ride to New Zealand….I saved the third book for the way home. Despite what you’ve heard about the plot line the storyline is great and this is one of those books you absolutely can’t put down.

The bonus? The first movie comes out this month…..I anticipate Harry Potter like levels of excitement once people realize what a neat story it is…I know I can’t wait!!

Go buy a copy!