Trip to Colorado

In early March we journeyed to Colorado (for me it was the first time!) to see family and friends and go skiing. It was such a fun trip and we kept quite busy!

We began our trip by staying with my college friend and former bridesmaid Tara and her Husband. Early on a Friday morning we rolled out of bed, got dressed, and headed west from Denver to Breckenridge. I only took my I-Phone along so here are some “polaroids” of the day 🙂

We could barely open our eyes to take a picture it was so bright. And yes these smart North easterners forgot to apply sunblock so both got burned 🙁

Back at home I made friends with their dog Maddy who they rescued – she is so so sweet!!

She was a bit scared of the camera 🙂

On Saturday morning Trip brought back Duffeyrolls which were DELICIOUS!!!!

This photo doesn’t really do justice to the sunburns – especially Jeff’s which is finally starting to go down. I was lucky since I had a neck warmer on – my only exposed area was right below my goggles.

Jeff, on the other hand, rocked a serious strap burn 🙁

A few more of Maddy 🙂

Then it was on to my cousin Hope’s house to visit with her family and my aunt Laura. Her daughter Lyla was trying her first rice cereal – she wasn’t convinced 🙂

Electra and I went outside to play on the slide and she thought I was a bit more fun than her sister 🙂

The smocked dress is a hand me down from our other cousin who is now in her mid 40s….good quality clothes hold up a long time!

Giving Dad a high five on the way down 🙂

The ladies of the family got together for a picture 🙂

Lyla was much happier later in Dad’s arms

Pure excitement 🙂

Electra thought Jeff playing soccer with her was pretty funny 🙂

Saturday afternoon we headed to Jeff’s Aunt and Uncle’s house in Golden where we met up with Jeff’s parents and his Brother Ben.

Unfortunately that afternoon the altitude finally caught up with me and I lay down for a rest and could barely move for the rest of the night….not fun 🙂
The next morning though I felt mostly better and got to know their dog Katie a little

We then struck out on a hike (me moving pretty slowly at first) through the canyons and up a mini mountain

Jeff likes to lead the pack 🙂

The family minus Jeff’s Mom Sharon who is taking the picture

On the way back we got a call that Alan & Hilary’s house was under evacuation warning as a result of the Indian Gulch forest fire – yikes! Thankfully they never had to evacuate but it was a sobering reminder of the power of Mother nature!

All in all my first trip to Colorado was a blast and I hope to go back soon – fun to see so many family and friends in one place!

My Dad and Annie are here today so we are headed down to New Haven for the day to go see an old friend and visit a museum.

Hope everyone’s having a good week!