Trip to Visit Sarah in Providence

After a few false starts and dates re-scheduled my high school friend Sarah and I finally got together two weeks ago. Sarah and her Husband bought a house in Providence last spring (or was it last fall…..yikes!) and I still hadn’t seen it so it was a combination house visit/catch up/crafting night/doggie playdate…..lots and lots of fun 🙂

Strider and Sage aren’t used to being around cats so steered clear of Bernie….Nellie sees him every day and was much more brave 🙂

Sage watched Bernie head out of the kitchen and wonders what to make of it 🙂

Everyone say cheese 🙂 or treat!

Lloyd their other cat stayed well clear of the dogs!

Sarah’s dog Nellie (just a few months older than Sage) loved snuggling…..maybe it’s a lab thing 🙂

How many dogs can fit on a bed?

Sarah’s Husband had celebrated his birthday the past weekend and the banner was still hung.

HELLO winter project!!! LOVE this idea (especially how the name can be interchanged)

The next day we met up with our other high school friend Amy and her dog Tiggy

Lots of sniffs 🙂

I know – we can’t resist a good photo op 🙂

Sage decided to walk herself home since I was busy taking pictures 🙂

SS – thank you for a fabulous visit – can’t wait for another crafting date in January!!