Tyson Family 1 Year Session

The other day I went over to hang out with the Tyson family – their little man just turned one so we wanted to mark the occasion!

Usually he doesn’t like to be changed but I made some funny faces to distract him 🙂

Playing in his room – I see this toy in SO many homes I visit.

A rare treat- playing with the remote!

Not allowed to do that – time for another distraction 🙂

Mom wanted to preserve those curls as long as possible….at least until I came over 🙂

He is holding “Moose” his favorite stuffed animal. As soon as moose is in his arms the thumb goes in his mouth – it’s so funny to see the automatic response!

Let’s see – one of these buttons should bring on Baby Einstein…..

Happy family of three….and another on the way!

We wanted to end the visit with his first cupcake. As you can see N. didn’t think this was the greatest idea we’d ever had.

Oh now wait a minute – this tastes pretty good – maybe if I can just grab that waxy thing on top I’ll be able to lick it.

Oh well – no candle for me but at least I get the frosting. Yum!

That was a fun visit but I’m tired and ready for a snuggle with Mom, Dad, and Moose!

And lastly a memory from my first visit in May ’07 when N was three months old.