Jeff’s parents have been in town visiting from California so we’ve been hanging out in the land of no Internet (a beautiful thing every once in awhile). Strider has turned into a full fledged water dog these past few months embracing his Labrador roots and we would be so proud if only he’d learn to launch himself off the dock without whining and barking (the only time he does either) when we try to encourage him to do so.

We actually got him onto the float when Jeff was putting it in the water (it took a little while)….

Oh um I thought you were going to carry me back….

Yeah I don’t so much want to jump off this thing – can you please come get me….

Oh alright if that’s my only option.

That was pretty tiring – I think I’ll just use you as a raft of sorts if that’s ok. Thanks, Dad.

My next adventure is sailing with Dad. Look at me Ma – no paws!

I was born to cruise.

Mom – now we’re back home and it’s just a bit hot out for my taste. Although I am lying in front of the fan on full blast and you are feeding me ice cubes can you do something about the temperature? Yeah that would be great….thanks.

Nighty night from Strider land!