Vermont Kid’s Photography :: Fia

When I was up in Vermont photographing the Shelburne Farms Benefit among other things I got to hang out with Fia two afternoons in a row 🙂 When I arrived she was piling up dirt on the picnic table with her shovel

Then it was time to swing!

We took a walk down to the water with her Mom Heidi

And she laughed and laughed watching Strider & Sage chasing after sticks in the water 🙂


Finding a good rock

Love these two (photos and people!!)

With her allowance she bought a bag of M&Ms and loved how the colors changed after she sucked on them awhile…..I don’t know many kids her age who could be that patient and resist eating them all at once!

As Strider & Sage lay on their bed she slowly and steadily gathered all the blankets in the house (including a few rugs) to join their nest – it was so stinking cute

Strider was particularly tolerant of her!

Before bed we looked at some old photos from my first photo shoot with Fia when she was just four days old. I’m not sure she quite understood totally that they were photos of her but she enjoyed listening to the stories that go along with the photos.

As a child this is one of my strongest memories – time and again looking back at old albums and hearing my parents tell the story behind a particular photo – it’s nice to be able to pass that along to the next generation!

The next morning Fia was back at her nest building 🙂

And after getting dressed we did some more swinging

A toot snuck out of her and she was pretty pleased with herself and giggled wickedly 🙂

Garbage run

And an impromtu photo shoot in a sea of dandelions!

The dogs helped her finish her snack when we got back home – they are catching the hang of this kid thing and know to stay close when there is food around 🙂