Vermont Portrait Photographer :: Lillie & Annie

It’s been two years since I last saw Lillie and Annie but they are as fun and bubbly as ever and really have the greatest personalities and a wonderful sense of humor. When I arrived they were playing wall ball with their Dad and some neighbors so I focused on Charlie and Slider who are full and beloved members of the family 🙂

Annie is very serious about wall ball but Lillie tends to run around a bit and get frightfully excited chasing after the ball 🙂

After the game broke up we wandered over to a field near their house which is Charlie’s favorite place to run

After a few with Charlie we let him do his thing and he went careening and leaping through the grass gleefully while I focused on Lillie who is now nine

Seven year old Annie has A LOT of spunk 🙂

These girls love watching Toddlers and Tiaras 🙂

Love this one

Chasing after Charlie

Trees were a favorite of Lillie’s two years ago and obviously little has changed!

Inside we took a snack break and did a bit of drawing

And some snuggling on the couch 🙂

Then we headed back outside to their backyard


It was so fun to see you again!