Vermont Trip

These are from way back in June and since I’m heading back up to Vermont for ten days this coming Wednesday I figured I’d better post these pictures before I accumulate more 🙂

This to me never gets old – cute doggies laying their heads on the bed pleading to please let them up to snuggle (night and morning version!!)

Fia and I took a walk and we picked flowers. I think having little ones really does make you stop and look around more – I had no idea this many different varieties of wildflowers grew along one stretch of road!

Fia seemed pleased

The doggies and Fia wait at the door

Waiting to romp 🙂

Snuggling 🙂

We went over to Coozan Dog Onyx’s house and we taught my doggies that a kiddie pool is a great way to cool off

Later that night there was romping at sunset

Sage rolls in the snow in the winter and on the grass in the summer….it’s pretty cute.

More waiting to pounce.

They discovered a patch of wild strawberries on the hill – we used to pick them as kids but I had completely forgotten they were there! I guess dogs and kids teach you to be more observant.

Happy weekend!!