Last week I was in Vermont for wedding meetings, client meetings, and shoots – more to come later this week. For now these are my personal photos 🙂

The lilacs were in bloom…..yum.

My Mom cut them for me and put them in my room 🙂

It cracks me up when Strider sniffs the air 🙂

The light all last week was particularly beautiful clouds, bright blue skies, dramatic sunsets- SO pretty!

Being in Vermont and hanging out with our neighbor’s dog was pretty tiring for Brody – he took a lot of naps 🙂

On Thursday I met Daria for lunch and some shopping in Burlington – we hit up a sale at the Shoe Shop (Dansko’s for $80….I got a new pair!!), stopped by the camera store and ended up staying for about an hour (the guy there was SO nice in answering all of our questions and telling us the latest and greatest), and capped it off with a trip to Ben & Jerry’s (new peanut butter cookie dough flavor = yum. peanut butter cookie dough in a fresh waffle cone = yummier!). After all those adventures we headed back to my house so the pooches could frolic around 🙂

Brody’s up!

Someone led someone else down (who knows who was the instigator!) on an adventure to a nearby pond. The problem was – we had no idea where the dogs had gone 🙁 We finally found them after each heading off in separate directions and they were all pretty muddy and wet. This is Yeti – Daria’s dog who is MUCH taller than my shrimpy dog 🙂

Yep – time for another nap.

I love this image – fun composition and a stinkin’ handsome model!

Daria in the grass!

My friend Nia came over for dinner so we headed down to the beach to enjoy the light and look for stones.

The light was shining in a valley across the lake and the sky was the best blue

Later during dinner it was pouring but the sun was shining through the clouds creating AMAZING light.

Did I mention the light was amazing?

I’m happy to be home now with both of my boys (and Brody makes three!) and other than a weekend visit to my Dad’s this weekend we’re staying put for awhile!