VT Newborn Photography :: Clara

Ellie is officially a big sister! Baby Clara was six days old on Monday when I met her and is super super sweet and low key- what a great baby! I loved watching Ellie interact with Clara – she is a very proud and gentle big sister. Jen posted the other night that Ellie said to her “Mommy, thanks for getting my baby sister out!” – LOVE IT. It wasn’t too long ago that I was doing Ellie’s newborn photos – fun to continue the tradition! Enjoy the photos!

First attempt at a sibling photo…hmmm…..let’s try this again.

A little snuggle

See – all better!

Tiny little baby details – love the back rolls – heaven.

Ellie didn’t want Clara to have all the fun

Love the scale difference and those skinny little legs!

Proud Mom

We didn’t even attempt to get the dog’s involved this time!

All tuckered out at the end of our visit

Congratulations Jen & Drew – SO glad I could meet her when she was so little!