VT Wedding Photos :: Ceremony Favorites

Today I’m going to share some favorites from ceremonies last year. As fun as the party is and as low key as the getting ready is I love love love watching and documenting ceremonies where it all becomes official! It’s fun to see how each couple approaches their ceremony – what readings they choose, what traditions they include, and who they might choose to speak. Often I find myself misting up behind the camera or smiling when a couple chooses an element that Jeff and I included in our ceremony. As you will see many of my favorites (and this has been the case since I started photographing weddings) are recessional shots – that jubilant moment when it becomes official. Onto the photos!
Simmie & Andrew were so relaxed and excited during their ceremony at the Eric Carle Museum
Of course exit shots are among my favorites – here Dave & Emily get away under a shower of lavender
And here Lily & Dave recess under a shower of rose petals
Meredith’s veil kept blowing around and into her face and eventually blew off much to the delight of everyone – thankfully a quick handed groomsmen grabbed it and held onto it for the rest of the ceremony!!
Otis & Shaila included some lovely Indian elements into their ceremony

Mallie & Stu embrace after being announced Mr. & Mrs. in Maine!
Devon & Will laughed SO much during their ceremony – it was so fun to witness and photograph!
Liz & Tom look back at their parents during the ceremony
Hildene makes such an amazing backdrop for a wedding!
I love watching parents during a ceremony – here David’s Dad & Mom react to something funny
Erin & Randy’s ceremony was so personal to them thanks to their efforts and my favorite officiant Wendy Bratt
I love when both parents walk their kids down the aisle – such a testament to the importance of both of them! Here Adam is escorted down the aisle by his Mom and Dad
And later recesses with his wife Emily!
Ingrid had so many great expressions on her wedding day – excitement and laughter and a touch of embarrassment all at once!