Weekend at the Lake

We had a lovely quiet time at the lake with some college friends this weekend. On Saturday we went for a three hour walk and then took some time to do yardwork – mowing, weeding, and general spring cleaning – the yard looks a lot better for it!

Strider and I hung out on the dock waiting for Jeff and his friends to come back from a late afternoon kayak

Dad come closer so I can say hello!

You gotta do what you gotta do……

Wow that was tiring – can I have a ride?


What are you looking at?

We’ve gotta go – they’re getting away.

But I think I’ll go on your boat. Thanks, Dad.

Alright fine I’ll go by myself.

Here I come!



A beautiful end to a fun day.

Now we’re visiting my Dad down in Pennsylvania – we’ll be here until Thursday with a day trip to DC on Tuesday for an engagement session and a visit with Jessica Del Vecchio!