We’re back! (Sort of)

Jeff and I are back from our amazing wedding and relaxing mini moon in Lake Placid. On Friday we head to the lake to sneak in a bit more relaxing 🙂 Everything went off without a hitch – my cold cleared up, the weather was spectacular, everyone was happy and relaxed – it was just perfect.

I’ll do a full blog post soon but wanted to thank my amazing friends for giving this photographer some love and winning the speediest editing award. Of course I couldn’t resist checking the photos out while we were in Lake Placid so we stood at the concierge desk and looked through them….I promise I didn’t do any emailing or other business whatsoever 🙂

They are a visual feast and I send so much love and thanks to everyone.

Links to Photos:
Carla’s Wedding Photo Highlights
Carla’s Rehearsal Dinner Highlights
Carla’s Photo Booth Slideshow
Justin & Mary’s Wedding Photos
Mike’s Wedding Photos
Daria’s Photos
Daria’s Slideshow

A few brief highlights:

Jeff loves this moment that Carla captured – it was right after we had come up from the beach from our first look session (which only our fabulous OFFICIAL photographers Daria & Andy were present for). I glimpsed my bridesmaids in all of their preppy glory and just was so happy it was all happening!

At different points in the ceremony Justin, Andy, and Carla were all up in my bedroom window shooting the ceremony from above. I love the scope of this one, and it was fun to sneak a peek up there and see who was shooting! This image is Justin’s.

Another one of Justin’s – I loved every single second of our ceremony and was just trying to take it all in!

Here is one of Mike’s – my preppy bridesmaids all in a row 🙂

And last but not least I’m so glad someone got a picture of this 🙂

At sunset Daria brought us out onto the lawn to get some silhouette shots….the Paparazzi followed! Justin shot this of from L to R: Carla, Mike, my Aunt Deenie, Andy, Daria, and Mrs. Mary Marantz – you guys all crack me up!

For more viewing pleasure you can check out the following links:

Justin & Mary’s Photos
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Really you guys blow me away – the images are so special to us and we are already treasuring them.